Monday, 23 February 2009

Q is for...Quesadillas

Q is for…Quesadillas

Ok so for Q we were originally going to do quiche but with the failure of the last pie base we tried to make and the fact we couldn’t buy them locally meant we had to change our idea. So instead we did quesadillas.

Tortilla wraps

Roughly £8 – quite a lot for a student budget but they taste nice.

Here was another success as they turned out right and were so tasty!! We were unsure as to whether we could pull it off as our attempt at enchiladas didn’t work out and it didn’t look like it should have but these looked sooo good only a fool could turn them down! I enjoyed putting the ingredients inside the wrap as you can put as much on as you want and basically what you want. They weren’t hard to do which was good for us as our attempt at anything too difficult resulted in a fail but we keep trying.

Let’s just hope that we have a few more successes as we are fastly approaching the end of the experiment…

Tina x

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  1. what the hell is that? you really need to work on how you present food, if I got that in McDonalds I would ask that it is taken back.

    They shoud look like this