Friday, 20 February 2009

L is for Lasagne

We used
Tinned tomatoes
Quorn mince
Parmesan cheese
Dolmio stir in vegetable sauce
Lasagne sheets

It cost
About 8 quid so not the cheapest recipe in the world!

Hey guy, ok well I have a confession to make! We actually made lasagne ages ago now…but keeping this blog is such hard work along with the massive pile of assignments we have to do. It sounds stupid but eating healthily as a student is soooo not practical. If you have a massive essay to do, it seems impossible to find the time to search for a recipe, buy the ingredients and then actually cook the meal! So I totally get why students are known for their love of alcohol and Pot noodles, who can blame us?!

Anyway, sticking to the student theme, we got this recipe from a student cooking recipe in the hopes that a student recipe would be simple and easy and well idiot proof really!
Surprisingly this turned out to be one of our rare successes! It’s actually surprisingly simple to cook a lasagne. You cook the filling which is just as easy as making spaghetti and practically the same process and tastes the same too…and whilst you’re doing that you make the cheese sauce. It was so simple it made me feel slightly ashamed of my habit of buying ready meal lasagnes bit im a sucker for Chicago Town Pepperoni lasagne ready meals!
It was also quite fun layering the pasta sauce and filling at the end, like layering a cake and it was satisfying seeing one of our creations that looked like it does in the recipe photographs for once.
The finished product was nicer than any ready meal I’d ever eaten and I was really proud. It was also Tina’s first time eating a lasagne and she loved it so that was another success!

I felt good after eating IBS twinges and it was alot more satisfying then eating takeaway, which always makes me feel fat and greasy afterwards!

Find the recipe here:

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  1. your right, cooking is impractical for students (and lots of other people too)

    after I have been out drinking I like nothing better than eating some nice food like a nice curry or kebab, no waiting round and you don't have to do anything your self. when one is bladdered they don't want to spend ages making food do they!!!