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Monday, 23 February 2009

The disappearence of UVWXYZ


Ok guys we are sad to inform you that we ended our journey from A-Z at the letter T. Time got the better of us and we found it really hard to keep up with it as well as do all of our other work. Also, recipes for these last few letters are really hard to find. We could only think of upside down cake for U and we didn’t have half the stuff we needed for it…

We did really well though to say we are useless cooks and as time went by we got more and more frustrated with the experiment. There were many opportunities to quit but we continued and did 20 letters solid. I think this has boosted our confidence in the kitchen and gave us more experience from when we first started. At least now I know I can cook various things I like that don’t include just putting chips into the oven.

Whether we will keep this up is unknown but we’ll have a good go at it…

Tina x


  1. boo! what laziness! you two really are abysmal at cooking (no offense), if I were you two I would give up

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