Tuesday, 10 February 2009

J is for…jam doughnuts

Ok so it’s not a main meal but J was a totally hard letter to try and find something for that we would both be able to do. So we had to do jam doughnuts!

In them we had:
Caster sugar
Strawberry jam

The overall cost was roughly £5 so it was too bad really.

It was one of those recipes where you had to get your hands dirty, not to mention sticky. Very sticky indeed. Once we had the dough mixed we had to kneed it for about 5 minutes, the mixture was sticking to everything, my hands, my clothes, the table, the chopping board, you name it, it stuck. We used a lot of flour to try and resolve this but looking back I think it made things worse, when we balled them up, there we big cracks in them which we were certain shouldn’t be there….we never said we knew what we were doing…

Once we had cooked them and let them cool and stick the jam in and the sugar coating it was finally time for the taste test…

The verdict?

They just tasted like jam cobs. There wasn’t that sweet doughnutty taste you generally get. Sweet cobs we should have called them as no way were they doughnuts. Oh well at least we tried our hands at something different! Not many students could say they are masters of the kitchen…and we’re not one of them lol.

With 10 recipes complete and only 16 to go can we have some more success before the time is up?

Tune in to find out =]…
And if you're crazy enough to want to recreate this one, find the recipe here: http://www.recipezaar.com/Baked-Jam-Doughnuts-181903


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  1. Lyndsey I feel down! Babylon is getting on my case!

    "Not many students could say they are masters of the kitchen…and we’re not one of them lol."
    I don't think you need to be a master of the kitchen to make jam doughnuts, even Nathaniel can make them.

    They look ok though