Sunday, 22 February 2009

M is for...Muffins, N is for...Nachos

I have written these together and the reason will shortly be discovered =]

M is for…Muffins

Ok so again we did a desert, which I guess isn’t helping us with all this healthy eating malarkey but as letters go one some recipes are really hard to find and we have a lot of work to do for other modules so we needed something easy and quick to do.

In these we had:
Cocoa powder
Baking powder
Chocolate sprinkles
Caster sugar.

Overall cost was roughly £5-£6. It was hard to work out as we had basically all of the ingredients at the flat.

We did originally plan to do chocolate chip muffins but all the shops that were local to us did not sell them! Can you believe it? They had every other baking ingredient but chocolate chips!!

It was a messy job mixing them together and very tiring as it aches your arm so much when stirring the mixture!!
We spooned it into the pan and put it in the oven. They smelt sooo good while they were cooking and looked really nice. We took them out let them cool then came the important part. The taste test.


They were no where near as sweet as they should have been, they just had a really horrible taste but we followed the recipe as instructed so we couldn’t work out where we went wrong. Well at least we know for next time that maybe we should double the amount of sugar to put in. lets just hope that N turns out better.

N is for…Nachos

Ok so there’s not a lot to write about for this one. We cheated slightly and went and brought a nachos kit from the shop. We were both tired and fed up by that point so we thought we would make life easier for ourselves…

They were nice though but the salsa could have been better. The nacho chips were nice warm and the melted cheese just added to the taste. It was a success but does it really count as we didn’t really make them ourselves..

Tina x
Want unsweetened muffins, with unclear recipe instructions and a bitter after taste? Well we've lost the recipe for this so I cant help your here. I suggest you search for a nicer muffin recipe anyway, this was a big disapointment!

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  1. lol you couldn't even cook muffins properly!!!!!

    "It was a messy job mixing them together and very tiring as it aches your arm so much when stirring the mixture!!" How about a whisk?

    They look ok though, they look well big, did you get them out of the tray ok?

    Lmao at the muffins having bitter aftertaste, how did you manage that??