Tuesday, 10 February 2009

I is for…Italian chicken

For I as hinted by the name we did Italian chicken! And guess what guys!!?? It was a SUCCESS!!!! It tasted very nice and also looked very appealing!!

In it we had:
Cherry tomatoes
Salt and pepper

The cost you may ask? About £6-£7 top end of the budget but well worth the dosh. Cheaper than a take away too which is a good thing I guess..

It was easy to cook as most of the things went in together. My only problem with chicken is the preparation, I so totally hate the feel of chicken breasts that aren’t already prepared and made into like chicken nuggets or something. It’s all squishy and wet in hands and very risky too. I can do it now I’m just not a huge fan at all!

Lyndsey peeled her first potato of her life so far!!! Big achievement for her eh? A very late one never mind but she’s learning how to prepare things as I am too!! We’re getting there!! We are getting better but it’s still hard not to just bang something in the oven. Cooking takes a lot of time and effort and we are two lazy students who have no energy what so ever, everything is too much of an effort…

So yeah! We had another success under our belts but we are yet to grab that master chef title. 3/9 aint too bad I guess, let’s just hope that J turns out as good =]…

Want to share our sucess, try it yourselves, recipe is here: http://www.cooksforcooks.com/sc/tx3/italian-chicken-and-chips.aspx


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  1. 3/9 is poor! if your legs only worked 33% of the time you'd have trouble!

    well done on peeling a potatoe! anyway Lyn I told Mr Nellyelly about your cooking and he looked at this site and said he wouldn't take you on as an apprentice chef!

    Talking of Mr Nellyelly, I was at Not on your Nelly a few days ago. After a night out with the lads I ordered a vindaloo, and what was in my vindaloo! Dirk! I was shocked, and what if I swallowed him? The last thing you need is an elephant coming out of your poophole ain't it?!

    I was thinking of suing but I can't afford it on my dole money

    Take care, Cole x