Friday, 13 February 2009

K i for Korma

Well this letter was a toughie!

For a start we couldnt think of a meal beginning with K and were getting desperate. So in our desperation, I posted on the digitalspy forums for help. Among the suggestions were keema, Kiev's and Korma. We decided to make either Korma or Kiev's. Now I love curry but Korma is probably my least favourite. It's far too bland and mild and I don't see the point in having a mild curry...the whole point is that it should be hot and spicy! So we went to the shop armed with ingredient lists for noth dishes...and couldnt find the ingredients for either. We needed parsley for the Kiev's which they didnt have and this yoghurt stuff for the curry which we couldnt find. You see thats the problem with shops on campus. They're hardly the most exotic places in the world. Students like alcohol and ready meals, which both shops sell in abdundance. Fresh ingredients are another story!

So we cheated and brought a jar of ready made Korma sauce. It's not the same as making the thing ourselves but we still had to fry the chicken and cook the sauce on the hob! I brought some strong curry powder to spice it up abit and it made the dish so much nicer, enjoyable even!

Not my favourite of dishes but it was cheap and eay and far more pratical for a student life style than things like "Bean Cheese Pie" or "Jame Doughnuts!"

I didnt feel great afterwards though, felt like a big cheat but oh well, we did try!


  1. This post reminded me to tell you that I no longer have diarrhoea! Yay!

  2. I'm fascinated by this blog because, having learned to cook at my mother's knee, I can't imagine what it's like to not be able to. But I applaud you in your sterling efforts - I do hope you're enjoying learning.

    FWIW - the kievs would probably have been fine without the parsley - different but fine. Whereas if the yoghurt was supposed to be in the sauce in the korma recipe then of course you couldn't do it without it. (It it was only going to be used as a side garnish then you could have done without it.)