Sunday, 22 February 2009

O is for Oatcakes

Ok so I bet you’re thinking that the most obvious meal to have made for o would have been omlettes...But we made a chilli cheese omelette for C so didn’t particulary want to make the same thing again! that would be cheating wouldn’t it? So in desperation and with no other ideas,
we settled for something rather unusual, oatcakes.

Oatcakes are erm… cakes made of oats basically. They look like pancakes but are savoury and far less sweet. They are a Staffordshire delicacy and that’s why I had them ready to cook in my freezer. My mum is from Staffordshire so I was brought up on them have loved eating them since I was young. They are incredibly easy to make.

I had mine with cheese and sausage. Sounds weird I know but honestly, try it before you judge! It's amazing!!!

My sausages were microwavable sausages and so it was just a case of warming them up for half the recommended time. I took them out the microwave and they were soft enough to cut into small pieces. The small pieces of sausages were mixed in with grated cheese and placed on one side of the oatcake. The sides of the oatcake were then rolled to cover the middle, creating like a Fajita wrap type thingy. We used the same method for Tina except she had cheese and onion instead. Then you just place the oatcake in the microwave for about 1 and a half minutes until the cheese has melted. So simple but so nice! More people need to discovered the wonders of the oatcake and I hope they will after reading this!

So I guess this recipe was another cheat on our part to be honest. However this blog is about encouraging us to try more foods…and this was Tina’s first time tasting an oatcake, which she enjoyed. Therefore I’d have to class this one as a success and I'd reccomend it to anyone for a cheap, yummy meal!

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  1. wow, you actually stuck some sausages in the microwave, cut them up and put them with cheese in a ready made oatcake and then microwaved it?!!! all by yourself??!!!

    you are so amazing at cooking, next you will tell me you can make chicken nuggets!!!