Sunday, 22 February 2009

P is for Pizza

We used
Pizza base (x2)
Tomatoe Puree
Mixed herbs
Olive Oil
Garlic Powder
Jalapeno Peppers

It cost
Well its hard to say because we had alot of the ingredients in and we borrowed the ingredients off our flatmate...thanks Ceclia! At a guess your looking at about £5.

We had been really looking forward to this one! From the very beginning of the project we always knew P was gonna be for Pizza and today was the day, How exciting! For once we were looking forward to cooking and it didn't feel like a chore… the last time we made Pizza was in food tech back at secondary school. Our first attempt at making the Pizza had been so awful that our teacher had ordered us to remake it! It didn’t bode well for this attempt then...

We brought ready made pizza bases. Again, this was a cheat but we had no rolling pin to rolls out the dough to make a base. Rather than face a disaster by trying to use a glass to flatten it out, we felt the safest option was to just buy the base. However we did make our own tomato sauce base though. Basically it involved mixing water, tomatoe puree, olive oil, garlic and mixed herbs in a bowl, so not the most difficult recipe in the world! But it was nice to make our own because I felt like we were actually doing some cooking!

Adding the topping was easy and quite fun. I enjoyed spreading the tomato puree and decorating mine with onion, jalapeno peppers and spicy pepperoni and then they only needed 10 minutes in the oven so we didn’t have to wait long. It was so simple!

I don’t know if our attempts were any healthier than your shop brought or takeaway pizzas, I mean we did cover both of them with loads of cheese which isn’t exactly good for you. But they weren’t dripping with grease like the pizza’s we order from Dial A Pizza so that’s a good sign right?

They tasted great anyway so I’d definitely make them again!

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