Friday, 16 January 2009

A is for...Amatriciana Pasta

Hi Guys Tina here!

Well the big cook has started and as planned we started with “A”. For this we made Amitriciana Pasta.

The ingredient included in this were:
Chopped tinned tomatoes
Chilli flakes

The overall cost of the ingredient came to roughly £5, cheaper than a takeaway but is it better you ask?

It was a nice dish but we are new to this cooking thing so we ended up having chilli overload in it. Just one little taste and it felt like my mouth was on fire. We tried to cool it off using more tomatoes but even that didn’t work…

The final product was nice but just too hot, maybe we should cut back on chilli in future. It resulted in me leaving half of it as it was too hot and I had nearly finished a litre bottle of water!
It was fun to cook and as you can probably tell from the pictures it was a messy job but we had a laugh =]…

If you wish to try this recipe yourself (With a reduced number of chilli's of course!), you can find it here:


  1. That pasta looks so red, that must be the chilli overload lol ... At least you had fun! =]

  2. I am so totally glad I stumbled upon this blog as I enjoy food so much! Ummm...yummy food! I so don't know the people doing the cooking! But they do look and sound very nice!

  3. lol thanks for the encouragement. We really do need it.
    Things dont taste as good as they look sometimes...and this is definetley one of those ocassions!