Tuesday, 20 January 2009

C is for....Chilli Cheese Omlette

It cost
Just under 5 quid, not bad!

We used
4 Eggs
2 Spring Onion
2 Chilli's
Grated Cheese

So, since my experience of cooking egg involves…well actually Ive never cooked it coz I just buy ready made egg mayo, so I guess you could say I had zero experience, and what with Tina not liking egg anyway, this one seemed as though it was going to be quite a challenge! But I was assured by my mum that omlettes were "idiot proof", which is always reassuring right?

So anyway, turns out mum was right and we had our first success! Two eggs in a bowl, whisk then fried, with cheese, spring onion and chillis chucked in the frying pan and that’s all it took to make! No fiddling around making another disastrous pie pastry! Oh no, cheap, simple and easy. 3 of my favourite words in the English language! Ok so we burnt my omelette a little bit but for a beginner, it was a dam good attempt I'd say. I proudly served up my omelette with “salad” or at least my version of sald. You see I don’t like lettuce or any other leafy type things! I don’t eat carrots or tomatoes. So my salad consisted off cucumber, coleslaw and onion. I may the mistake of chopping my cucumber on the same chopping board as I chopped my chilli, therefore ending up with some weird chilli tasting cucumber (dam those things are strong!) but apart from that, we had a definite success for once.

Tina tried egg, which she normally hates, and she like it! We both learnt how to prepare a new meal and it was cheap and easy to make. I mean bean cheese pie? Were students! What were we thinking? As if we could afford to make that on a regular basis! Oh and the biggest success of all? Our flatmates brought takeaway that night, Chinese. I was so proud that we resisted the lure of the takeaway. I wasn’t even jealous either!! Normally if someone eats takeaway infront of me im pratically salivating at the mere smell of it, especially pizza. The fact that I resisted and wasn’t jealous is a definite breakthrough! Maybe im already on the way to kicking my takeaway addiction!

So overall, Id definitley recmomend this, especaily to fellow students. I felt really healthy eating it too, its basically just egg and salad and didn’t give me that horrible greasy fatty feeling that takeaway gives me. Ok so egg isn’t exactly the strongest tasting food in the world, even when its covered in cheese! But it tasted a dam lot nicer then that kebab and far less calories too!
My favourite so far and I will make it again sometime!
Heres the link to the recipe, if anyone wants to try it themselves: