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Friday, 23 January 2009

D is for...Deep Dish Chocolate Brownies

D is for….Deep Dish Chocolate Brownies

I know, I know, so much for healthy eating right? But the only success we’ve had so far with main courses was an “idiot proof” omelette, so feeling abit disheartened we decided an attempt at a desert was in order, chocolate is always a nice cure for a bad mood and main courses were defintley not our forte, maybe our calling was in deserts?

Deep Dish Chocolate Brownies seemed a fairly simple recipe and couldn’t go anymore wrong than A or B so we thought, screw the health kick. Our blog, our rules and we decided to break them. It seems we should have done so earlier coz this was recipe our greatest success so far.

The recipe was simple and fun!! It was so nice not be sat at a chopping board cutting up pepper and onions for once. Instead we got to mix sugar, butter chocolate flavouring, egg and cocoa powder in a bowl. It was like being a little kid again, baking cakes with mum and begging to lick the bowl afterwards. Somehow we resisted the temptation…perhaps it was the thought of raw egg and salmonella that did it!

The worst bit was the torturous 40 minutes wait for the brownies to bake. 40 long minutes, even though the mix itself only took only 10 to 15 minutes to prepare. The room smelt of chocolate and I couldn’t resist the urge to keep opening the oven for sneak peaks of our masterpiece. I was so proud to see that the mixture had risen and it looked yummy, like a massive chocolate cake.
We burnt two brownies out of 20 so I thought that was fairly good going to be honest with you and actually, the burnt brownies were rather nice and crunchy. The only problem appeared to be the fact that once you eat one, you just can’t stop eating them. 20 brownies between a flat of 6 girls are not going to stretch far. They actually lasted about one day which was surprising actually but this was only because I told my diet obsessed flatmates that they were eating a cup and a half’s worth of sugar. They weren’t impressed with this news!

Overall, I’d definitely recommend these. Simple to make and fun and most importantly cheap! There are loads of chocolate brownie websites out there but id find it hard to beat this one for chocolaty sweetness and overall yunmmyness. I plan to make these for my parents when I’m home from uni. Im sure i’ll impress them!

However I do regret the fact that we put no chocolate chips in the brownies, it needed that extra bit of crunchyness since the middle was so gooey.


  1. I thought you had to make food you have never made before? We made these together Lyndsey, only a few months ago!? Have you forgotten already?!!!