Saturday, 17 January 2009

Guilty secret...

Hi, Lyndsey here,

I know, I know, its late and I should be in bed! But Ive just came in from a night out and for some reason, I have loads of energy!
So I have two guilty confessions for you!

Confession number one...Ive just eaten Kebab meat chips and chilli sauce from the chippy. 4 quid it cost me! And it was vile! The meat tasted like microwave kebab meat from a pack. The chips were thin. And was I hungry when I ate it? No! Its just that weird thing isnt, alcohol makes you want to reach for the nearest greasy takeaway. Sooo to cut a long story short, ive just wasted 4 quid on a meal I didnt want, didnt enjoy and is bad for my health! The result of my binge? Chest pain and not being able to go the loo, it seems my IBS doesnt like Kebab meat, suprise suprise!

I mean what is the point in getting dressed up like this, ya know, nice dress nice makeup etc:

And stuffing my face with possibly the most unattractive and unladylike food ever, this:

I mean why???

Worst thing is is do it all again next time I go out!!!

Confession number two...We decided to have a break from our experiment today. How bad is that?? We've only got to the letter C! But to be is abit of a bloody effort, getting in from uni and cooking, when Im used to bunging some oven chips in for 20 minutes! But what with the pie disaster and chilli overdosed pasta, we deserve a break right? Right......???? (she tries desperatley to justify her actions!!!) So my dinner today was Pizza, chips and cheesy garlic bread. Not a vegetable in sight, You know what? It tasted AMAZING!!! I'd love have told you that I missed the abscence of vegetables...I did not. Still, no one said this was gonna be easy and Im game for a challenge! Bring it on!!!

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