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Thursday, 29 January 2009

F is for...Frittata

Hey Guys!

Tina again...
This again cost about £4 to make

In it we had:
new potatoes
red pepper

We thought masking a frittata would be easy in some way as it looked similar to an omelette. With the success of the omelette we felt positive that maybe something would go right for once. It seemed too however, when we put it all to cook in the pan it just did not seem to cook. We
tried putting it under the grill but when we took it out it didn’t seem cooked in the centre. Trying a little bit, I pushed the plate back as it was minging. I wasn’t going to attempt to eat egg that wasn’t cooked! I might have got egg poisoning as Lyndsey puts it =]...I think that night I just ate cheese and onion sandwiches instead...again the recipe looked simple but with us being amateurs i think even that was too hard for us.


  1. Fat Frank Lumpard finally did something for my fanstay football team!!!

    Why wasn't the egg cooked? Why didn't you cook it? Do you eat raw egg?

  2. You idiot! He's got loads of goals this season already actually, check his stats! And dont make your comments so obvious that you know who we are! lol...kinda giveaway!

    Dunno why it didnt cook! Were just idiots in the kitchen I guess...but at least we try!!!

  3. You probably should have cooked it slower and in a wider pan, so its spread out, it would cook quicker then, but good try lol

  4. Awwww thanks for the encouragement guys, it means alot! would you really eat it though? We couldnt tell if the egg was cooked properly because I hardly ever eat egg so I dont know how to tell if its cooked! lol.

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