Friday, 16 January 2009

B is for...Bean and cheese Pie

Hey Guys!
Tina here again!

Well god knows what happened to this one lol…

We decided to do a bean and cheese pie. In this one it had:

Baking powder
Kidney beans
Baked beans
Chilli powder
Taco seasoning mix

As soon as we did the base we knew it was going to go wrong. The instructions were not clear enough at all so we ended up with something that looked like a deflated cake mix

After much discussion we put in the mixture of the other ingredients and ended up with something that looked like what a pig would eat. We ended up with Bean Chilli...
We popped it in the oven with a few chips each as it would be a waste of ingredients and it actually tasted quite nice…not something I’d go mad on though…

When preparing it, it looked horrible and smelt horrible but it tasted quite nice, guess you can’t judge a book by its cover can you?

Want to make this messy disaster yourself? Find it here:

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  1. How come you never come out with me for some beer anymore Lyn? Cos im polish?