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Thursday, 29 January 2009

E is for...Enchillada

Hey guys!!

Tina here! Ready to bring you news of yet another tasteful, but obvious fail.

For E, we made enchiladas. This cost roughly £4 to make. And in it we had:
red pepper
chilli sauce

We did not know how we had to put it together because the instructions

were unclear and so it ended up looking like a tortilla wrap gone wrong. As weird as it looked it tasted great!! But I think we needed a better recipe. We tried to follow it and use our own heads to work around it but it still didn’t work so we ended up with this:

It went well preparation wise, the ingredients were sorted to the requirements but then how were we supposed to put it together if it didn’t tell us how exactly!!!Our friends thought it was a pizza at first but how can it be pizza when we was on the letter E?! Oh well, 2/6 successes isn’t bad for two people who are idiots when it comes to the kitchen. To say our cooking skills only stretched as far as putting chips in the oven or microwaving a curry etc, we have learnt new skills.
Eating different foods hasn’t changed me in anyway, except for getting bored with it. We still have 20 recipes to do and I know as we go into them I’m just going to get fed up even more. All this cooking is making me tired!


  1. You didn't make these enchilladas did you? You bought them from a shop, didn't you? Why are there no photos of you making it, just holding it? Thats not proof!! You didn't make these did you?!!!!

    Prove it!!!!!!!!!! Prove it!!!! Prove you made them!!!!!!!!

  2. Lol shop brought enchiladas would look a hell of alot better then that crap im holding, trust me!!!
    Shop brought enchiladas actually look appertising...unlike ours.